The Knee

Posted in Learn muay Thai boxing on September 17th, 2006

The knee is one of the most dangerous weapons in Muay Thai.

The Knee is medium-range weapon.

Knee In thai boxing

It can be used while clinching or free standing and to strike down many different targets.

The power of the knee can quickly wear down a fighter’s stamina with just a few strikes and open him up for a knockout.

knee in muay thai

The knees can be used to attack your opponent’s legs, hips, abdomen, floating ribs, chest and head. They can be thrust straight inwards or curved in from the side.

The deadly flying knee is one of the strongest techniques a fighter can use.

Muay Thai Jumping

Muay Thai newsletter launched

Posted in Muay Thai on September 10th, 2006

I just launched Muay Thai Newsletter ,

It’s a first step maybe to a forum ?

If you want to join and receive info when we get new information’s about Muay Thai (movies , teaching , info’s …)

subscribe : Sports News Letter


Demolition Fight

Posted in fights on September 8th, 2006 Will present today “The Demolition Fight” …

Between : Peter Smith who was Kyokushin Karate and converted to Muay Thai Vs Changphuak Kiatsongrit(Muaythai Champion in 1990) .

This is a very hot fight to watch even if at the beginning it’s boring (beginning means first 15 seconds ) They Demolition will start .

They don’t even protect there self , there only aim is to destroy each other .

Changpueak is “the” Thailand’s heavy weight reference.

Against the Dutch Peter “Hurricane” Smith, they will do a great fight. One of them will finally be punished by a severe KO

Punching Against The Round Kick

Posted in Learn muay Thai boxing on September 4th, 2006

Today Lesson is provided by : Master KELBOWKO

When your opponent kicks and you successfully block it .


You must immediately counterattack before his leg returns to the floor and he is able to attack again.

Punching Elbows Knee

When his kick impacts with your block, immediately spring in to punch your opponent in his face or body.

Use your judgment to determine whether it would be better to use straight punches or hooks.


Brutal Head Kicks

Posted in fights on September 3rd, 2006

This video aim is to show the power of the head kick … in all kind of Martial arts .

Muay Thai , Kick Boxing , UFC , k1 , Karate and others .

Most kicks on the head will cause trouble to the fighter .

Again our goal is not to how the violence going in the ring … No one would accept that a fighter get hit when he’s unconscient or when the fighter is already knock down ko .

In order to achieve the correct head kick a lot of training should be done , nothing get achieved without practice .

Enjoy .

Note: This clip contains violence .