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The Muay Thai fight between Sakmongkol and Yongsanan began slowly with each fighter carefully sizing up the other, and towards the end of the round they began using more kicks to the hips and legs.

The second round began to get more interesting as many more punches were thrown and a fair amount of knee was used by Sakmongkol. Both fighters looked determined and were often locked together using lots of elbow techniques and upper cuts.

In the third round Yongsanan fought back, also using a lot of knee against his opponent, keeping him mainly on the defense during the entire round. Sakmongkol also seemed to tire during this round but came back in full force in the fourth round. He landed some good hits to the body using all the limbs allowed in the game.

The fifth round began with a lot of kicking which continued throughout, becoming more and more exciting with Sakmongkol having the slight advantage over Yongsanan. Even though Yongsanan fought his way back from round three, he still did not manage to outplay his opponent, and Sakmongkol was declared victorious.

The match was played tactfully. Both fighters were closely matched, using as many knee jabs and elbow punches as possible. Only towards the end did it become more exciting when proper kicks were used and both Sakmongkol and Yongsanan used the ring a lot more.

Feet Techniques

Posted in Muay Thai Boxing tutorials on October 13th, 2006

This is the #2 series of Muay Thai Art – Feet Techniques related to the Martial arts .

It’s based on the same of Punch Techniques .

It contain a lot of feet techniques then a fight will occur showing how a k.o could be made using feet techniques .

Those series are very educational , i decided to integrate them in the site just to not make this site a fight movie site instead of promoting what Muay Thai boxing is really about …

So Next 6 posts or so will be related to educational video about Muay Thai to let people have more information’s about this martial arts .

Hope you will enjoy them ;) and don’t worry more fights are coming soon . Read the rest of this entry »

Punch Techniques

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Muay Thai is known to be ” The Science of Eight Limbs ” , This is a new series that Muay Thai (Thai boxing) will introduce .

It will contain an introduction on the technique then followed by a fight where the fighter show how to proceed with the specific technique or where we see a k.o during the fight .

The first episode will be related to the : Punch Techniques

We will view different types of punches and punch combinations (straight punch ,jab punch , upper punch ,swing punch …)

Then The Super fight will start … Read the rest of this entry »


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Ramon Dekkers vs Sangtienoi, the “Deadly Kisser”

A long fight nearly 23 mn’s !!

Enjoy this video provided for free for Muay Thai boxing visitors ;)

More Story about the ” RAMON DEKKERS VS SANGTIENOI ” Fight .

In 1991 Ramon fought against the legendary Sangtienoi, the “Deadly Kisser.”

They called him the “Deadly Kisser” because sometimes he’d kiss his opponents before knocking them out.

There was some kissing in that fight in Lumpinee stadium. Ramon gave him one kiss in Round 4.

Dekkers always tried to play the game as well as he could, but he also tried to be tactical, to fight like a Thai and use the point system in his head.

Still it was very hard for him to win on points in Thailand at that time.

Ramon Dekkers vs Sangtienoi


Posted in fights on September 20th, 2006 present today a Super MUAYTHAI Fight video , and of course you can view it for free .

We are not like other website that make people pay to view Muay Thai fight videos .

We hope you will enjoy it .

Fight : Anuwat Kaewsamrit vs Kongpipop Petchyindeet
Duration : ~ 5 mn
Nationality : Both are from Thailand

Click on the play button to start the MuayThai video .