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The Techniques of Muay Thai

Posted in Muay Thai Boxing tutorials on July 19th, 2008

Muay Thai as a martial arts discipline makes use of the body parts for weapons. The parts of the body which are the head, elbow, fists, feet, and knee comprise the Na-wa arwud. However, in these days, Muay Thai fights no longer permit the fighter to use the head. In attacking and defending, the fighter employs a little quantity of grappling or that which is known as The Clinch.

The techniques of Muay Thai are divided into two categories—the Luk Mai or that which is known as the Minor techniques and the Mae Mai or the Major techniques. The very reason why Muay Thai is held to be distinct from the other variants of martial arts is because it utilizes the whole body movement while the hip can either be rotated fully or partially for every block, kick, and punch executed.It requires a high level of physical fitness in order to do it well, If you are pursuing qualifications as a physical education teacher or coach at university , the more sports and martial arts you experience the more knowledgeable you will be. Step up to the challenge that Muay Thai presents, test yourself!

The punching techniques include the straight punch, swing, hook, upper cut, spinning back fist, cobra punch, upper cut, and the over head punch. Judges add less to the scores of the Muay Thai fighters who often use the punches as they are less powerful.

The elbow techniques
are the elbow slash, upper cut elbow, horizontal elbow, forward elbow thrust, spinning elbow, reverse horizontal elbow, elbow chop, mid air elbow strike, and the double elbow chop.

The kicking techniques are the nutcracker kick, straight kick, diagonal kick, roundhouse kick, spinning kick, axe hill kick, half spin half knee kick, jump kick, and step up kick. The most commonly used though are the kick and the foot jab.

The knee techniques
include the straight knee strike, diagonal knee strike, horizontal knee strike, curving knee strike, knee slap, flying knee strike, step up knee strike, small knee strike, and the knee bomb.

Meanwhile the foot techniques are the sideways foot thrust, straight foot thrust, reverse foot thrust, slapping foot thrust, and the jumping foot thrust.

Muay Thai is one sport that requires a fighter’s adaptability, stamina, and strength.


The Roundhouse Kick

Posted in Muay Thai Boxing tutorials on February 24th, 2007

The Roundhouse Kick: The trademark offensive technique of Muay Thai.

Round house kick

Thai boxers possess the most powerful martial arts kick in the world. No other martial art throws the roundhouse kick in the same manner.


Once of the distinguishing traits of the Muay Thai roundhouse kick is that fighters kick with the shinbone instead of the foot.


It’s highly possible to knock out or even cripple an opponent with a single blow to the neck or jaw.


This Lessons is presented by Master Kumron Vaitayanon …

Master K or Kumron Vaitayanon … grew up about 45 minutes outside of Bangkok, in the city of Prapradang, his father was the city mayor. At the age of eight, Master K asked his mother to buy him a heavy bag so he could practice Muay Thai.

His mother, being aware of the whims of children, didn’t want to buy him a heavy bag only to see it hanging unused after a short time. However, she gave Master K a large sack of rice.

Master K, disgusted but determined, hung the sack of rice and started kicking.

It wasn’t until he had kicked his way through several sacks of rice that his mother bought him his first heavy bag

Feet Techniques

Posted in Muay Thai Boxing tutorials on October 13th, 2006

This is the #2 series of Muay Thai Art – Feet Techniques related to the Martial arts .

It’s based on the same of Punch Techniques .

It contain a lot of feet techniques then a fight will occur showing how a k.o could be made using feet techniques .

Those series are very educational , i decided to integrate them in the site just to not make this site a fight movie site instead of promoting what Muay Thai boxing is really about …

So Next 6 posts or so will be related to educational video about Muay Thai to let people have more information’s about this martial arts .

Hope you will enjoy them ;) and don’t worry more fights are coming soon . Read the rest of this entry »

Punch Techniques

Posted in Muay Thai Boxing tutorials on October 7th, 2006

Muay Thai is known to be ” The Science of Eight Limbs ” , This is a new series that Muay Thai (Thai boxing) will introduce .

It will contain an introduction on the technique then followed by a fight where the fighter show how to proceed with the specific technique or where we see a k.o during the fight .

The first episode will be related to the : Punch Techniques

We will view different types of punches and punch combinations (straight punch ,jab punch , upper punch ,swing punch …)

Then The Super fight will start … Read the rest of this entry »

The Rear elbow

Posted in Muay Thai Boxing tutorials on August 20th, 2006

The Rear elbow attack in Muay Thai boxing by Master Sken .

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