When you want to start boxing, the prior equipment or gear that you need to have is a pair of boxing gloves. However, which one you ought to buy, since there are lots and lots of boxing gloves you can choose in the market.

We want to guide you how to pick a perfect pair of gloves! First you need to know how important they are. Boxing gloves, crucially important in boxing, are made and used to protect your hands and wrists and also to safe your opponent’s life.

It is very significant to find the gloves that perfectly fit your hands. Let’s take a look at our quick guide below.

The most importantly, they must be made of great quality materials. There are many of cool looking gloves with really low price sole in many shops. But they might not be as good or have very short life. So, you have to understand that if you could spend a little extra money, you will get a BETTER pair of gloves with a LONGER lifetime of use. Just remember that you will get what you want for what you pay for.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before buying yourself boxing gloves.

First, ask yourself what you need them for. It’s because there are different kinds of gloves made for different purposes. For example, Muay Thai gloves have more flexibility than other boxing gloves because in Muay Thai, the fighter needs to have the ability to use his hands to grab his opponent to do the knee strikes.

Second, what do you want to use them with? Are you using them with a heavy bag or with a speed bag? There are gloves for each of them. If you are practicing with heavy bag, you will need a thicker pair of gloves.

Then, how about if you need them to compete in the ring? Then you must also consider their weight. The lighter, the better! You don’t want to waste too much energy throwing a punch with that heavy glove.


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That leads to the last, in case you need them for training, a bit heavy gloves will be better. They will help you gain muscles and power.


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Now it’s time to pick the right ones for you. If you go through any sport shops, you will find it’s hard to pick ones since there are too many to choose from. Once you’ve already answered those questions, we’d like to guide you a bit about the size that will suit you the most.

“The bigger gloves the heavier they are” is not always true. You can also choose the right size that perfectly fit your hands with the weight you want. Like I said above, different weights mean different uses.

General sizes are S, M, L and XL ranging in different weights from 8 oz. to 20 oz. depending on each manufacturer. Lots of time you will only see the weights, not the size. So just keep in mind that Small means 12 oz. Medium is 14 oz. and Large is 16 oz.

A pro fighter normally uses 8 – 10 oz. gloves with the size that absolutely fits his hands. In addition, you can find 10 oz. gloves in S, M, and L.

If you get a chance to try putting on the gloves before you buy them, which would be great, DON’T forget to bring your hand wraps! Wrap your hands first before trying the gloves. You don’t want to feel too tight or too loose because that could hurt your hands and wrists instead of keeping them safe.

NOTE: A newly bought gloves could be a bit tight, but they will stretch a bit just like shoes. So when you first try them with your hand wrap before buying, you have to choose the one that a little bit tight, instead of the perfectly fit because after a while they will be just perfect once they’ve stretched.


  1. Mary Boxing Says:

    Interesting post. Not forgetting to try the gloves without the hand wraps is very important, the gloves won’t fit the same without them and being comfortable with them is fundamental.

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    Thanks i learned a lot from u…

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