Muay Thai Interview : Ulf “Uffe” Byman – The White Tiger

Like we mentioned in a previous post , we want to let Muay Thai fighter show off to the world !

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Today we will be interviewing : Ulf “Uffe” Byman known as The White Tiger

The white tiger

Age: 20
Marital Status: Single
Home: Stockholm, Sweden

What kind of job do you do? For how long?

I study computer networking.

Why do you box?

I have always been interested in martial arts since I started Ju-Jutsu when I was 6 years old.

When I was 14 my martial arts interest was big and me and my parents were going to Thailand.

I have never liked boxing but I heard that muay Thai was the national sport of Thailand so I just thought about looking at it.

I saw it for the first time in the stadium of Phuket Town and was in love with it at first sight.

So when I got home I started to train it.

I also do martial arts for the philosophy of it. I don’t like sports just with fighting.

That’s what I like with muay Thai. You have deep cultural aspects of it to.

I’d like to ask about the history of muay Thai. Are you a student of past Thai boxers? Do you study the history?

Yes, as I mentioned above. The history and cultural aspect of muay Thai is a big interest for me.

I never fight without armbands and I always do Ram Muay.

I try to learn as much I can about history of muay Thai.

How many times a week do you train? For how long?

I go to the club about 3 times a week and the passes are about one and a half hour.

Then I run 8 km 2 times a week. I also practice with a friend about one time a week.

Uffe Andy thailand muaythai

How does your body get used to the punishment of taking blows in the ring?

Its all about long intense training. When you spare and get hit you get use to it. It doesn’t have to be hard.

But you get used to it with the years. And as the years go by you hit harder and get used to harder hits.

For the shins I would say bag kicking is the beast way to make them more resistant to punishment.

The bags in Thailand is the hardest bags I have ever kick and I think that is much the help to thai fighters.

As you train you strengthen your body and build muscle with helps much to take the punishment.

Do you do anything besides muay thai?

Yes. I read a lot .

I like to be social.

Then music is a big interest for me. So go to concerts and so on I also like.

But the biggest interest in my life is martial arts.

What is your best achievement so far in muay thai?

I have two. The first was when I was in Thailand and trained with the Thais.

I am going back soon to train more there.

But it is such a thing to do when you train muay Thai. Its different from training at home at your own club. Its much different.

The second one was my first fight.

I lost it but it was my first fight and I was so happy just to have done it.

What are the most important things in your life?

Love. Hard training and helping other people live a good and happy life.

I like to help people and feeling good by making other people feel good.

How important is money for you?

Money is the key to life. If you don’t have money you will starve to death. So I guess its important.

But money is not what counts in life. Its how you live your own life that matters.

What would you change about your life, past or present?

Change my martial status to having a girlfriend and to get a good job.

What are your plans or dreams for the future?

My dream is to become Swedish Muay Thai Champion in my weight.

That maybe happen in 2008 with the Swedish Championship then.

Other dreams is to become an instructor.

As I mentioned above. I like to help people. And helping people with training is one of my biggest interest.

Other plans for the future is to go back to Thailand and be a better muay Thai fighter.

What about a pack of cigarettes?

I have never taken a sip of a cigarette and I am not going to do that in my life time.

One last question. Where do you train Thaii boxing?

I train at a gym called “Slagskeppet” in Stockholm.

phuket muay thai training gym

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  1. deano Says:

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  2. Scott Yang Says:

    hey my name is scott, im a big fan of muay thai. i would like to know, how long is the training before you start your fights? doyou just go and pick peoples out to fight or how does it go….?

  3. LUIS Says:

    Directly from Mexico, i like muay thai the only thing it´s someone know´s from an internet website were sells globbes, shorts or something of muay thai please send me that info.

  4. OAK Says:

    Hello from Thailand ! To answer Scott, in Thailand, most muay thai fighters train since they are young. This means 7-12 years old.

    Luis, I have the online store called You can visit there, they have a very big collection of muay thai products.

  5. Latenight Says:

    Dear Ulf,

    I just want to leaf that message in hope you will get it. We conincedentally met last weekend on a latenight bus journey.
    For the people who will read this interview, I can just approve what he´s writing.
    Ulf or more Uffe :-) , as I found out now, you´re a great person with a good heart and spirit. Don´t loose your faith ;-) .
    I´m not a fighter myself, but to all fighters out there, I hope you all have the attitude of this young warm hearted but confident combatant.

    Cheers mate, Frank

  6. amman Says:

    whats up from US! I really want to do Muay Thai so badly but my mom won’t sign me up for any classes because she payed for tae kwon do for a full year
    there was 4 more months o it that I didn’t go to.I will do anything for muay thai.
    do you guy’s have anyway of convincing my mom pleace e-mail my adress is

    amman arshad

  7. JAMES Says:


  8. small dragon Says:

    Hi, thai boxing is a martial art that i like in all martial art.
    Why does some parent scared to bring their child to learn thai boxing and not other martial?

  9. P-J Says:

    now he is a swedish champion!!! :D

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