The Roundhouse Kick

The Roundhouse Kick: The trademark offensive technique of Muay Thai.

Round house kick

Thai boxers possess the most powerful martial arts kick in the world. No other martial art throws the roundhouse kick in the same manner.


Once of the distinguishing traits of the Muay Thai roundhouse kick is that fighters kick with the shinbone instead of the foot.


It’s highly possible to knock out or even cripple an opponent with a single blow to the neck or jaw.


This Lessons is presented by Master Kumron Vaitayanon …

Master K or Kumron Vaitayanon … grew up about 45 minutes outside of Bangkok, in the city of Prapradang, his father was the city mayor. At the age of eight, Master K asked his mother to buy him a heavy bag so he could practice Muay Thai.

His mother, being aware of the whims of children, didn’t want to buy him a heavy bag only to see it hanging unused after a short time. However, she gave Master K a large sack of rice.

Master K, disgusted but determined, hung the sack of rice and started kicking.

It wasn’t until he had kicked his way through several sacks of rice that his mother bought him his first heavy bag

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  1. bayram gezici Says:

    this is tecnick very well

  2. skrach bonny Says:

    it good ,but if you can give more of this it will develope the intrest of the arct in the more thai lovers

  3. ediz aydin Says:

    do you my comrade?…Well; Bayram may be right;)) I WANT ALL PEOPLE LOVES MUAY THAI…KHAP KHUN KRUP!!

  4. David Says:

    My favorite kick. I love to feel my shin smashing the heavybag.

  5. BRIAN Says:

    Those are some good pics. Wish you showed how to do the technique though.

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