Muay Thai is one of the most difficult Martial Art technique. This is basically a Thai boxing. Muay Thai is better known as “The Science of Eight Limbs”.

Muay Thai is national sport of Thailand. Muay Thai is as similar as Muay Boran. There are many techniques under Muay Thai like- Punching technique, Elbow techniques, Knee techniques, Foot techniques, Kicking techniques and other like defense against attack. Muay thai is one of the famous martial art techniques in the world specially in Thailand.

The Tiger King is one of the most popular among muay Thai practices. King Naresuan is the on of the best player himself of this game. He say that muay Thai is one of the essential part of military man of his time. earlier muay Thai is dangerous game because there is no safety gear will be allowed.

But in now day there is Boxing glows, other safety gear are allowed in games. But shirt & Shoes are not allowed. Game is as between 2 in five rounds each round is of 3 minute and have 2 minute break in between each round. Winner is decided by the judges.

Judges decides the winner of the round and in the end of the winner is the winner of most of the round. But some time winner knockout the opponent. there are many moves in muay Thai like HAK KOR AIYARA in this the contender pull down there opponent and attack with his knee on the face.

another is KHUN YAK PA NANG in this defensive move against the punch VIROON HOK KLUB in this they defence against kick by moving there elbow on opponent face and many like PAK LOOK THOY this is basic trick of Muay Thai.

There is some unlocking techniques like MONTHO NANG TAN this is one of the most advance tricks in which they attach on the opponent by siting on his leg and attack by elbow So on there is so many tricks and defence.

In Thailand several institute for practicing for muay Thai. By which general citizen can trained and be a muay Thai fighter.

Muay Thai is one of the greatest MARTIAL ART techniques.

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