The Muay Thai fight between Sakmongkol and Yongsanan began slowly with each fighter carefully sizing up the other, and towards the end of the round they began using more kicks to the hips and legs.

The second round began to get more interesting as many more punches were thrown and a fair amount of knee was used by Sakmongkol. Both fighters looked determined and were often locked together using lots of elbow techniques and upper cuts.

In the third round Yongsanan fought back, also using a lot of knee against his opponent, keeping him mainly on the defense during the entire round. Sakmongkol also seemed to tire during this round but came back in full force in the fourth round. He landed some good hits to the body using all the limbs allowed in the game.

The fifth round began with a lot of kicking which continued throughout, becoming more and more exciting with Sakmongkol having the slight advantage over Yongsanan. Even though Yongsanan fought his way back from round three, he still did not manage to outplay his opponent, and Sakmongkol was declared victorious.

The match was played tactfully. Both fighters were closely matched, using as many knee jabs and elbow punches as possible. Only towards the end did it become more exciting when proper kicks were used and both Sakmongkol and Yongsanan used the ring a lot more.

3 Responses to “FIGHT REVIEW”

  1. junaid Says:

    Sakmongkol and Jong are legends love the elbow fest…….theyve had a total of 7 fights

  2. sergio sa Says:

    big combat,with a lot of strongs technics from the both figthers…

  3. Nabeel Says:

    I think this was judged badly. Sakmongkol controlled round 1 by a small amount, I’d say despite the knockdown Round 2 was a tie, and Jognsanan clearly dominated 3 and 4 and they tied 5. Jongsanan should have won.

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