Feet Techniques

This is the #2 series of Muay Thai Art – Feet Techniques related to the Martial arts .

It’s based on the same of Punch Techniques .

It contain a lot of feet techniques then a fight will occur showing how a k.o could be made using feet techniques .

Those series are very educational , i decided to integrate them in the site just to not make this site a fight movie site instead of promoting what Muay Thai boxing is really about …

So Next 6 posts or so will be related to educational video about Muay Thai to let people have more information’s about this martial arts .

Hope you will enjoy them ;) and don’t worry more fights are coming soon .

** Owner requested to remove this movie ** Sorry guys

3 Responses to “Feet Techniques”

  1. Alex Says:

    Where can I find this video that the owner requested removed?

  2. blair Says:

    hi what dvd or video are these clips from? id like to buy it.

  3. L T Says:

    hey Great site! watchin it all the way from PARAGUAY (south america)

    But.. where are all the videos??

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