Punch Techniques

Muay Thai is known to be ” The Science of Eight Limbs ” , This is a new series that Muay Thai (Thai boxing) will introduce .

It will contain an introduction on the technique then followed by a fight where the fighter show how to proceed with the specific technique or where we see a k.o during the fight .

The first episode will be related to the : Punch Techniques

We will view different types of punches and punch combinations (straight punch ,jab punch , upper punch ,swing punch …)

Then The Super fight will start …

** Owner requested to remove this movie ** Sorry guys

6 Responses to “Punch Techniques”

  1. Sean Says:

    these are real fighters real warriors lots of respect from holland amsterdam



  3. adam Says:

    wheres all the videos about the techniques?????

  4. Thai Boxing Says:

    THE Punch techniques had to be removed , the author requested that i remove them from my site .

    I will soon publish other training martial arts techniques .

    Thank’s for your visits .

    Muay Thai boxing webmaster .

  5. Todd Doering Says:

    Wondering how I could see these hands and foot technique videos. Is the author willing to show or sell? Thanks, Todd Doering

  6. Santiago Questa Says:

    HI im from Argentina in south amarica. as you imagine muay thai is almost unknown here, and is very pleasent for me to find sites like yours. the site is great. thanks

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