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Punching Against The Round Kick

Posted in Learn muay Thai boxing on September 4th, 2006

Today Lesson is provided by : Master KELBOWKO

When your opponent kicks and you successfully block it .


You must immediately counterattack before his leg returns to the floor and he is able to attack again.

Punching Elbows Knee

When his kick impacts with your block, immediately spring in to punch your opponent in his face or body.

Use your judgment to determine whether it would be better to use straight punches or hooks.


Brutal Head Kicks

Posted in fights on September 3rd, 2006

This video aim is to show the power of the head kick … in all kind of Martial arts .

Muay Thai , Kick Boxing , UFC , k1 , Karate and others .

Most kicks on the head will cause trouble to the fighter .

Again our goal is not to how the violence going in the ring … No one would accept that a fighter get hit when he’s unconscient or when the fighter is already knock down ko .

In order to achieve the correct head kick a lot of training should be done , nothing get achieved without practice .

Enjoy .

Note: This clip contains violence .

Muay Thai Knockout

Posted in Thai Boxing , Muay Thai Videos on September 2nd, 2006

Muay Thai Best Moments , a lot of knowckout going in this clip … a lot of action

They Say … No Pain no Gain .

knockout punch , knockout fight ,knowckout video !!

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Muay Thai fight

Posted in fights on September 1st, 2006

Masato VS Melchor Menor

On of the coolest fight ! here is the real Muay Thai Warriors .

A lot of action going on in those fights , a lot of damage , real pain .

Masato vs Melchor Menor … Enjoy ;) (click on the play button to play the muay thai video clip)