Ramon Dekkers vs Sangtienoi, the “Deadly Kisser”

A long fight nearly 23 mn’s !!

Enjoy this video provided for free for Muay Thai boxing visitors ;)

More Story about the ” RAMON DEKKERS VS SANGTIENOI ” Fight .

In 1991 Ramon fought against the legendary Sangtienoi, the “Deadly Kisser.”

They called him the “Deadly Kisser” because sometimes he’d kiss his opponents before knocking them out.

There was some kissing in that fight in Lumpinee stadium. Ramon gave him one kiss in Round 4.

Dekkers always tried to play the game as well as he could, but he also tried to be tactical, to fight like a Thai and use the point system in his head.

Still it was very hard for him to win on points in Thailand at that time.

Ramon Dekkers vs Sangtienoi


  1. Gaby Says:

    I like what you have. I’m into MMA training. I started like 3 years ago with training. I went to the gym and tried my first pair of gloves and I like the glove quality so much that i stayed with MMA. It’s such a great workout.

  2. Blake Says:

    Nice fight, i personaly think RAMON DEKKERS would of had a better shot at winning if he used his jab more through out the whole fight, and kept the distance between him and SANGTIENOI, in the end SANGTIENOI pretty much found the opening and shot straight for it , rather RAMON DEKKERS was throwing very nice combos but not many landed.

    Both fighters are great …

    Very Entertaining Video


  3. aaron Says:

    so It is impossible for a foreigner to win in Thailand?

  4. Avan Says:

    If u r a foreigner and u are good…of coz u can win…
    but u have to follow the rules…
    Ramon dekkers was the “Fighter of the year” years ago…

  5. aruba Says:

    dekker loose the fight santeinooi was in thailand and fight with knies and elbows dekker use too much punch he was theking a lots of kick

  6. aruba Says:

    ***** rammon dekker i dont like him santeinooi won the fight sakmongkol and nompong orhono al those guy won dekker

  7. sefian tyaawatai Says:

    salam moia chmpion de maroucc thai boxcing

  8. Muay Boran Says:

    Although DEKKERS landed nice elbows to SANGTIENOI’s forehead towards the end and his punch combos were great had they hit…he still lacked variety in his techniques…he didn’t really use his knees or elbows very much in close quarters.

  9. Brainiac Says:

    I think too, it is very hard to win when everyone who watches your fight is against you! Dekker was pretty good, a specialy with he’s elbows. Actually I was surprised why Sangtienoi won! :) )

  10. aua boi Says:

    man i had it 2 a piece up 2 da final round….. den dekkers busted his head open n tuk it home…. idunno bwt tha 1

  11. jeremy62 Says:

    sang has been dominated during almost all the time 90% easily. some of u say dekkers didnt use knees enough ok thats right but thats doesnt change the fact he should have won. if sang won (i dont say that because i love the fighter whos dekkers) its only because he was in thailand (even if dekkers have been elected best fighter of the year in there…) for sure !!! look all the hit he took look at his face look the way he moved…

  12. nosta Says:

    For aaron foreigner can win score in Thai .Please watch JWP fight.He win many time on score. Western score system difference than Thai score system so many people in western think Thai cheat.
    1 western score punch equal score to kick and knee .Thai score kick and knee more than punch also kickboxing score kick more.

    2 In Thai kick from back leg and front leg score differ.Back leg rate as harder kick .differance land area score differ .Kick on arm also score but not much punch on arm not score.

    3 In Thai have condition score bleeding or show pain or tie on your face is not good.

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