Brutal Head Kicks

This video aim is to show the power of the head kick … in all kind of Martial arts .

Muay Thai , Kick Boxing , UFC , k1 , Karate and others .

Most kicks on the head will cause trouble to the fighter .

Again our goal is not to how the violence going in the ring … No one would accept that a fighter get hit when he’s unconscient or when the fighter is already knock down ko .

In order to achieve the correct head kick a lot of training should be done , nothing get achieved without practice .

Enjoy .

Note: This clip contains violence .

3 Responses to “Brutal Head Kicks”

  1. Hinch Says:

    Great highlight. I always love to see a high kick from Remy or Aerts.

    They seem to make it look that little bit better

  2. TheSpeciman Says:

    Cool video, but where was Cro Cop vs. Igor and Liddell vs. Babalu? Also, am I the only one that notices that Wandy holds the ropes (which is against the rules) every single time he stomps?

  3. Ben Says:

    awesome video, muay thai/kick boxing is the best example of applying fancy kicks. although posted a while ago, thanks for the videos.

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