kids fight in Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial arts for all kind of people .

The Key of Success is Training and perseverance , Watch this fight of Muay Thai that occured in New York – United States

Group Team : Advanced Fighting Systems

Fighter : “The Grizzly” – A.F.S

Fight Occured on 17/06/2006 , The little boy is only 9 years old .

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  1. some guy in the usa Says:

    Despite my martial arts background being in taekwondo, I’m continuing to visit this site and enjoy the videos placed here. Too bad that places to learn muay thai in the area that i live in are quite rare.

  2. Thai Boxing Says:

    Thanks for your comment ! We hope the same for all our visitors .

    We are trying our best to ameliorate this site and make it better and find nice stuff so visitors can enjoy them ;)

    Muay Thai Webmaster .

  3. Steve Wilson Says:

    This is great. I am so happy to see young fighters coming up. He is a real Thai fighter, respectful, a clean fighter, and very good at cutting off the ring. He and his instructors are credits to a great sport, and show that we in America can do it if we just try.

  4. mikhail Says:

    i remember my first fight when i was 8.hhahaha.nice memories.nice to see they also let young children fight in america..

  5. Kru Ric Sniffen Says:

    Muay Thai in the United States is about to make a big come around so if your interested in the art contact us as new camps will be opening and more fights will be going on throughout the US. If you want to learn more about Muay Thai in the US contact me at pontaweecamp [at] I\ll be more than happy to assist you in finding a school or coach in your area.
    This is a great web site with some really nice video shots of live Muay Thai Action

  6. nicolas Says:


  7. samir othman Says:

    I am pleased to send you Hope that future cooperation between us.
    Best regards
    Vice-President Palestinian Thai Boxing federation

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