Climbing downward elbow

This is a tutorial technique by Master Sken , The Climbing downard elbow never saw this technique in a real fight … Since it’s a very difficult technique to apply in the ring .

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  2. Claudia Says:

    This is one of my favourite techniques. When you do it right it’s really pleasent to see. Unfortunately I can’t do it as easily as Master Sken yet.. guess I just have to keep practising.

  3. CelebritySexist Says:

    If you’re Master Sken, this kind of thing probably comes like the blinking of an eye, or the pulse of the heart; I’ve seen the man move at a seminar, and he is not to be trifled with, even though Batman did give him a right pasting in the movie of 1989 (he was the “ninja” dude with the two swords).

    I can’t imagine him recommending this in a real fight, he’s way too pragmatic for that.

  4. mma99 Says:

    I think it would be illegal in the UFC as it is a down-ward elbow strike…that shit would be crazy if someone did it in real life though!

  5. Francis Rossi Says:

    I’ve not seen that particular elbow used, but I saw a jumping downward elbow used once. Channel 5 in the UK used to show kickboxing & muay thai late night.

    One week, they had some British guy defending a title he won from a Thai against another Thai (he was about 23 with 100 or so fights…).

    The Thai just laughed at his attacks, then leapt across the ring and elbowed him on top of the head.

    Opened up a huge cut that stopped the fight.

  6. isukgrar Says:

    It’s a nice and effective attack, but it’s really rare to see any of boxers use this technique.

    Boxer need to have the right decision and make sure he will not fail before use otherwise he will become a victim instead. I have seen this happened in real fight in the ring once “Nong Tum”, his name or his real name is Parinya, Kiat Bussaba done this to opponent which was quite prefect and several other boxer such as Samart Payak Arun

  7. Sammeung Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am very new to this Site and would like to reply to this post in order to give my view about Climbing up and downward Elbow.

    It is not very easy to do this technique.

    However you must train to perfection, then every thing is possible.

    Great Muay Thai Arjarns and heroes used this technique in the past.

    You won’t see this technique being used in the Ring because fighters want to win the fight with simpler techniques, safer and safe energy.

    As Master Sken, I fortunate to have trained with him for at least 2 years now ,I found him one of the most competent Muaythai teacher and year 1998 ,he has been awarded one of the best and most accomplished Muay thai teacher by Minister of Sport and Education of Thailand.

    He was presented a Blazer of honour at Sukhothai(an old Capital City of Thailand).

    If you have a look at his website, please go to his Blog or his autobiography page.

    He was a Team captain of Takraw(Wooden ball) a traditional game of Thai Sport, which you can use shoulder, knees, elbows, kicks.

    He was selected to play Takraw for his country, but choose to study at PE University of Bangkok.

    Master Sken trained and fought in Muaythai for his food and education, struggling all his life, when his father was murdered since he was 8 years old.

    He did train TKD when he was 14 years old but never stop training in Muaythai.

    He studied Sports and how to teach Sports and He chose Muaythai, Krabi Krabong and Martial Arts as his main subjects.

    I was a professional fighter from Ubol and Lumpinee Stadium, then I became a Royal Navy Fitness Instructor.

    I moved to England and work with my family.

    I travelled 600 miles round trips to his HQ in Stock port and have learnt so much from a True Muaythai teacher and Martial Artist.

    I have had over 300 fights now but when I did free sparring with him , I felt like a beginner again.

    You must train with him and see him in person to believe, I also found he teaches us so much both Physical and very strong in Mental training.

    My teacher who taught me in my professional career was Arjarn Pot Sarasin
    from Por Meung Ubol Camp in Ubol Province, North Eastern of Thailand.

    I hope I have helped to clear some doubt and questions about Master Sken.

    We all can learn some thing all our life.

    One thing you must be open mind, dedication and determination.

    Most of all learn to enjoy life, sanook(enjoy)

    Choke Dee(Good Luck) and Sawaddee

  8. chris Mcgough Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I too can testify to Arjarn Sken’s skill which is at a level everyone aspires to reach and few attain. I have known Arjarn Sken for 25yrs and the stories Arjarn Sken has told me when he was a bouncer would make your mouth drop open in disbelief. He was well known in the Manchester area for his massive amount of courage when under life and death situations, and how he dealt with these people who were daft enough to test his supreme skill. As I have said before if you don’t believe me, book yourself in for a private lesson, even at the age of 51 yrs his skill is extra-ordanary. I’m sure you will “come up christian”.

  9. Bad-Boy Says:

    Hey , cool tutorials!!Butt in real fight is much hardy to meake that moves!!!!OR NOT?!that is practice

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