Basic tricks moves in muay thai boxing

This is a basics tricks moves that i found today on the net , seem very nice .

Hope you enjoy it :)

if you have any movie of muay thai that you want to publish , plz contact us .

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19 Responses to “Basic tricks moves in muay thai boxing”

  1. Ellbow Says:

    This video is very very cool!

  2. skibz Says:

    out outb this world true sportuing legends

  3. skibz Says:

    dats da way gibadagabada

  4. showtime Says:

    thank you 4 publishing this! ill be training to it

  5. thaiboxer Says:

    thanx v much for puttin this vid up i was trainin then gave up but after seein this vid i wanna learn the hardcore thai boxing again

  6. Santiago Says:

    This is a good fundamental muay thai video…..
    this video can help lots of people………

  7. michelle lee Says:

    the muay thai is really good for self defense i know the training of this is really hard!!!!!!!!!nice video

  8. art/ZFIGHTERS Says:

    I’ts a blessing that there are real fighters still out there, thank you brothers for keeping the spirit alive, so let’s continue BY keeping it real!!! (GOD BLESS)

  9. muaythaiboi (uk) Says:

    MUAY THAI IS THE BEST SPORT EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HARD BUT IT PAYS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Zubin Says:

    GUYS ?? is the horison muay thai trainin camp in thailand like totally genuine ???
    lol >> cuz i may be goin .. can u guys hit me up with like reviews ??

  11. cyco Says:

    the videos kinda good… but it can not and never will help u as much as a proper teacher, and the music in the background is kinda strange….. :P

    muay thai is the most effective martial art and the most brutal, nothin can stand up to it.. thats why i love it so much…. and michelle who ever u are .. muay thai is a fighting style not self defence, it was and still is used by the milatary over in thailand….. say wat ur fave move is, mine is the spnning back fist cause i got my teacher with it, nearly knocked him over it was awesome

  12. tk7 Says:

    It is pronounced Nukmuai Thai. Not mui thai.
    Westerners misunderstood the correct annunciation and have been saying it incorrectly for years. The Thai people never bother to correct westerners because they don’t fully understand english. Thai people will agree and shake their heads in agreement because they can’t be bothered to correct anything alot of times.The city is not called Bangkok. It is known in Thai as “Krung Thep Mahanakorn” but they can’t be bothered to ever correct foreigners on that either for years. It’s lack of caring and not wanting to be bothered to correct tourist, not fully understanding English, and lack of education that the sport has been pronounced wrong for years. It’s counter productive to work so hard and be so dedicated to learn the sport yet don’t know how to say the name of the sport correctly. It shows lack of true knowledge. It’s not the westerners fault because nobody bothered to tell them properly. So I am trying to clear up the confusion because I am Thai. Most of your Thai mentors will not bother to correct you either because some of them don’t want to admit that they have told you something incorrectly.To see so called Thai boxing professionals not even know how to pronounce the sport correctly really shows lack of true expertise and professionalism.

  13. Shin Natsume Says:

    I Love the moves, I’ve been practicing Judo, Karate Shotokan & Muay Thai for quite sometime now.

    mixing Muay Thai with other martial arts is very easy, your opponent will have a hard time taking you down just focus and learn the 7 virtues of martial arts.

    dont forget to stay humble, this is the most powerful tool to avoid hurting and injuring someone.

  14. Zacky Vengeance Says:

    This art is really a legend

  15. sam Says:

    this video will help anyone in the novice league have a feel and see what it will be like, this way the next belt wont be so hard with this cheat video hahahaha :D

    watch and learn people.

  16. Scott_steel Says:

    I train in Muay Thai and i find it extremely useful but for a non dodging martial art and pure counter i enjoy it

  17. Ä°srafil Says:

    Thanks your training.I love thailand and thai.

  18. Julieta Says:

    Amazing video!… i have being training on muay thai boxing for four months and since day one i fell in love with it… this video helped me alot with my technique for sure… it’s good to see real traditional fighters to learn from.. thanx for the video guys!

  19. Dragon Says:

    These kicks are great ….Maui Thai is awesome ..

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