This knee trick is used for fighting at close quarters by holding round the opponent’s neck with both hands. Bend the head down and throw the swinging knees to the opponent’ribs.

Use both knees to strike both ribs at the sometime.

To protect: jumps back far away from the opponent then strikes at the opponent’s abdomen with the foot

To counter: does the same as to counter in HAK KOR CHANG ERAWAN.

The abstract: The using of all tricks (Cherng), try to use with as much speed, powerfulness, as tuteness and have a quick eye in order to get the best results if lacking some of them it would be useless.

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  3. roland Says:

    muy buenas las tecnicas implementen mas

  4. Muay Thai Stuff Says:

    do you have a movie of this muay thai technique?

  5. Thai Boxing Says:

    The Muay Team will try to find a movie for this technique .

  6. jacqyeline beasley Says:

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