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Posted in Learn muay Thai boxing on July 10th, 2006

This knee trick is used for fighting at close quarters by holding round the opponent’s neck with both hands. Bend the head down and throw the swinging knees to the opponent’ribs.

Use both knees to strike both ribs at the sometime.

To protect: jumps back far away from the opponent then strikes at the opponent’s abdomen with the foot

To counter: does the same as to counter in HAK KOR CHANG ERAWAN.

The abstract: The using of all tricks (Cherng), try to use with as much speed, powerfulness, as tuteness and have a quick eye in order to get the best results if lacking some of them it would be useless.

DAN POORA Throws the knee and the punch at the same time

Posted in Learn muay Thai boxing on July 9th, 2006


The boxer moved the right knee with the foot bent to the back for wards to the left side a little, then threw it to the opponent’left rib and threw the right punch to the opponent’s chin at the same time.

Twisted the body to the left and threw the powerful knee and punch followed to the target. Use for defense or countermove.

To protect wipe the opponent’s fist with the left arm and jump back.

To counter: kick the opponent’s left leg with the right foot to put off his balance then uses another trick.

If the boxer is a left handed fighter, reverse the descriptions from Right to left.

HAK KOR CHANG ERAWAN Holds the neck and throws the knees

Posted in Learn muay Thai boxing on July 8th, 2006

Use both hands to hold around the opponent’s neck, bend the Opponents head down to the front then bend both legs to in order to bend the knees to the opponent chin or chest.

To protect: put both elbows close together to the front then try to strike the elbows to the opponent’s thighs strongly.

To counter: insert the arm in circle and hold the head up, then Counter by kneeing or pushing the crossed knee to the abdomen.

Another trick is pushing the hand to the opponent’s chin and thrusting a power full hand at the same time as the opponent throws the knee. The opponent may be fall back down.

POOPA SATAN THE upper-knees

Posted in Learn muay Thai boxing on July 7th, 2006

The upper knees are used for the attack that’s close to the opponent’s body.

Can use both of the knees such as pushing the right knee up to the opponent’s chest in order to make a gap and then throwing the left knee to the opponent’s abdomen while holding tightly the opponent’s neck with both hands.

To protect use the hands to guard the chest and abdomen

To counter: try to lean back and throw the straight punch to the opponent’s chin.

YUD YOTHA Throws the knees and the elbows at the same time

Posted in Learn muay Thai boxing on July 6th, 2006

The boxer throws the swinging-knee to the opponent’s right rib, at the same time pushes up the left elbow to the chin and strikes the right of the opponent.

This trick is used for attack, defense, or escape.

To protect: bend the body and press the right elbow down to the right rib in order to prevent the opponent’s left knee and hold the left hand up which cover the opponent’s right elbow.

To counter: throw the left foot which to the opponent’s abdomen In order to make him lose his balance, then use the other tricks.