This Kon Muay in Kon Muay Kae Mad by kicking with the back foot.

The attacker throws the left punch to the defensives face and holds on the Right guard.

The defensive steps the left foot outwards to the left a little the weight on the left foot, wiped the opponent’s punch out by the right hand.

Then throws the right back foot to the attacker’s left chin and prepares to throws the left punch.
If the attacker throws with the right punch do the same as above in the opposite directions

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  1. Marie-Eve Says:

    Very nice! I’ve done muay thai for a few years and i found there’s a lot of tricks to learn on your site, like ways of using the elbows :) I appreciate the girl fights on the site, since i’m a girl who’s training and there’s few opponents around, it’s entertaining to see there’s some girls who can really kick ass.

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