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Muay thai VS capoeira

Posted in fights on March 25th, 2006

This is not a real fight … it’s just nice for entertainment :)

Here is the “capoeira fighter” sequence from TOM YUM GOONG “same directer who has done Ong Bak .

The vid is cut with external music edited my me.

The movie has a verity of fighters that will excite any action movie fan .

Enjoy capoeiristas and muay thai praticioners.


Posted in Muay Thai Boxing tutorials on March 24th, 2006

The Muay Thai Jab , is a basic move , used in most martial arts (boxing , Muay Thai , kick boxing , judo , karate …)

The definition of a Jab : A quick, straight punch thrown with the lead hand. Often the most important punch in a boxer’s arsenal because of its power and its ability to set up other punches.

Can also be used as a way to gauge distance, to keep an opponent wary, or as a defensive move to slow an advancing opponent.

Here is the movie about the Jab Muay Thai Technique .

The old man holding a pod Movement

Posted in Learn muay Thai boxing on March 24th, 2006

muay thai learning

This Kon Muay is the basic technique to defence the upper punch by
Pushing the punches out with the arm.

The attacker (red) walks in and throws the left punch to the defensives face

The defensive (black) steps forward by crossing the left foot in to the attacker’s in-circle, the weight on the left leg.

Bends the right arm and holds up in the front of the face. Then throws it over to push the attacker’s fist out over the head.

Throws the left punch to the tip of the chin.

If the attacker throws with the right punch. Do the same as above in the opposite directions.


Posted in Muay Thai Boxing tutorials on March 23rd, 2006

This is one of the most Important technique in muay Thai , The Side Knee Strike usually is done when the two fighters are very close to each other .

felony fight

Posted in fights on March 22nd, 2006

Even if this movie has nothing to do with Muay Thai , i posted it under fights …

This video is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17. This program contains graphic violence (V)

Those kind of movies have one aim …. just to hurt the martial arts sports !! , martial arts is not made for violence .

Google requested that i remove this video … so i did ! ==> VIDEO REMOVED