Muay Thai Namsaknoi

Very Nice Muay Thai clip about Namsaknoi formerly of the por pramuk gym in Thailand .

Born in Surat Thani province in the south of Thailand, Namsaknoi started MuayThai like a lot of his fellow countrymen at a very young age.

Born to Muslim parents and given the name Mohammed Chaiyama, Namsaknoi started fighting at the age of 9 and soon started to make a name for himself in the MuayThai ring.

After making steady progress his trainer in the South took him to Kiatsingnoi camp in Bangkok where Namsaknoi also started to impress. After a short while though his trainer took him outside Bangkok, to the newly formed Kiatpramuk or Por Pramuk camp.

This was around 1994 and Namsaknoi fast established a reputation as a future big name star.

Fighting originally on Sukonesongchai promotions, Namsaknoi won his first major titles when he beat Nungpichit Sityodthong to win the Lumpini and w.m.c world flyweight championship belts.

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  1. Muhd Says:

    My name is Muhd (Namsaknoi)

    I visited your website today and found the video clip of myself.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to get a copy of the video as i do not already have it.

    The website looks great.

    Look forward to your response

    Yours Namsaknoi

  2. Thai Boxing Says:

    Hello Muhd ,

    It’s an Honor for me to have you on our website .

    And Thank’s for your compliment .

    I will email you the link of the video so you can download it .

    Muay Thai Webmaster .

  3. Ellbow Says:

    Hello, i looked @ the webside and i like the video, too, can you send me a mail with the downloadling, too? =)



  4. Thai Boxing Says:

    I sent the video to both :)

    Good luck .

    Thai Boxing webmaster

  5. cung le Says:

    I am very happy to have stumbled upon your website, it has very good content and very informative.

    I have been a san shou practitioner for two years now and have just started training in Muay Thai.

    For me both arts compliment each other but, seeing namsaknoi perform the wai khru gives the art an edge to sanshou.

    I love doing the wai khru and i think its an essential part in the art and watching namsaknoi perform an awesome wai khru performance during his fight in Korea made me love the art more.

    I hope its not too much to ask if i could obtain a link to the video so i can download it too, and could you include some wai khru performances particularly namsaknoi’s so i can perfect my pre-fight ritual.

    I am a south-east Asian Muslim too and i want to copy his style, and i would just like to add that namsaknoi since he has a “Muslim-style” added to his ritual.

    Thank you so much.

    Namsaknoi is an inspiration and good role model! more power to to your site, i’ll pass this site around in the gym so they could visit it.

  6. Thai Boxing Says:

    Hello cung :) , it’s a my pleasure to see that visitors are enjoying this website .

    I sent you the link on your email .

    I will try to add more technical video soon … i just hope that i will have enough time to add them ..

    you can join our news letter so when we add a new content you will direcly receive an email .

    here is the link for the Muay Thai news letter :

    Good luck , and keep training hard !

  7. Mirsad Imsirovic Says:

    Selam Alejkum first to Mahd (Namsaknoi). Im very proud to have a muslim Muay Thai Fighter who i can look up to. It makes me very proud. I would like to thank him for being an awesome fighter. May Allah be graceful on you and guide you to heaven.

    Also i find Cung le a great fighter of san da and san shou. Yuo rock i like your over head throws.

    I would also like to thank the great man who made this website. Respect!

  8. rza Says:

    hi and salaam to all, does anyone know where i can download complete Namsaknoi fights?

    good site,

    thanks in advance!

  9. Tiger Figther Says:

    salaam and Hi !! 2 every one

    Wants to now where the best Muslim Muay Thai Gym is in Thailand , chiang Mai or bankok or east ubon?? Or south Thailand…

    Help me please wants to live and trian hard !!!
    Wants to now about every Muslim good thai boxer information

    I train muay Thai in Scandinavia now many muay Thai fighters from Europe and also some camps in Thailand but want to now some Islamic Muay thai — maybe in Cambodia to

  10. steve Says:

    hello, i have just finished training with namsaknoi at charenrit stadium on koh pangna island. he is a great teacher and a even better man. thanks to him and everyone at the camp. if you need good training then go there. cheers

  11. Komfum Oliver Bemsi Says:

    Hello am Komfum Olver a boxer here in Cameroon and i will like to know more about your club just that i will like to b a boxer in your gym plz get back to me and let me know what to do do that i can box with you,get back to me on komfum4box[@]yahoo [dot] com or call me on 00237-7768-4128.
    Thanks and hoping to hear from you soon.

  12. Humble One Says:

    Sawadeekup! This is a great site, and quite informative too. Would it be possible to get a link to download this video of Namsaknoi as well?

    Much appreciated!

  13. nodies Says:

    Ohooiiiieee…. nice video Choke dee Namsaknoi

  14. muhammed ali Says:

    hello, i’m the greatest of all time in boxing. i have to say namsaknoi is one of the greatest in muay thai. rivals the greatness of samart, sakmongkol, dieselnoi, apidej, and so many i have not mentioned.

  15. Bumps Says:

    Namsaknoi you are the boss!!! Sad they took you away from the ring with the contractual issues. Pray that you are content with your career and life as a whole. As your muslim brother I suspect you are. May Allah bless you and show you mercy in the afterlife… may he place your scroll of deeds in your right hand and show your family and respect on yomo quay yoma. What a fine soldier he produced by making your soul. As-Salaam-u-Alakium fellow warrior. May he keep you in his hands.

  16. namtisuk channarong Says:


    Namsaknoi you are really awesome..Can i get your email address because i really want to know more about “The Emperor”

  17. Romzan Says:

    salam, i am currently in phuket trainning at rawai muay thai, and i have had the pleasure to meet namsaknoi n his family, he is a very good guy it was a pleasure to meet him and the video was very good he is also is the main trainer at the gym namsaknoi the EMPEROR it was great to meet a him.

  18. GROWLER Says:



  19. Walter Hiter Says:

    I like your website – great effort!

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