Thai Girl vs German Girl

I received a lot of requests to post more info about women and Muay Thai training and fights , here is another fight between girls :)

Thai Girl vs German Girl !! .

The German Muay Thai girl who has been training for months to challenge the local Thai boxer.

Who will win?

12 Responses to “Thai Girl vs German Girl”

  1. joey Says:

    she got good future. what is her age????

  2. Chip Says:

    The only thing that Thai girl knew about Muay Thai is that she was Thai, at least the german girl knew what she was doing and had more heart. The Thai girl looked like she was forced into fighting.

  3. Thai Boxing Says:

    Another female fight has been aded since this movie suck …

  4. Jamie Says:

    Neither girls knew how to fight. German girl kept turning her back, and never had her guard up the whole time. If she would have fought someone good she would have been knocked to the ground fast.

  5. Rodlimar Says:

    its like they found a girl that cant even fight and they put her fight with the german girl who think she is a good fighter ( by the way she sucks not even my little sister of 5 years old fights like that ) and put them fight l so the german girl looks like she is a real fighter it sucks

  6. Kunoichi Says:

    hey… al least they tried. :)

  7. Muay Boran Says:

    What a comedy…very entertaining! The crowd was making a mockery of both girls….they all thought it was one big circus. Did they have a 2 minutes “crash-course” on Muay Thai?


    practico muay thai, soy chica y me gustaria ver mas combates, hay muy pocos , tambien me gustaria poder dedicarle mas tiempo a entrenarlo. este deporte deberia ser mas conocido. soy de jerez de la frontera cadiz. Española

  9. Angie Says:

    I am an English girl and have been in Thailand 10 months now and seen many Thai boxing fights. When I first saw farang (foreigners) fighting it annoyed me cos they seemed not to have the same technique as Thais, it’s not as graceful and they don’t really look like they know what they’re doing. That’s kinda becauce they or at least some of them don’t. I’ve been training in Thai boxing since I came here and was put in my first fight after 3 months of training. Ok, maybe it’s not the best fight for the viewers but for me it was an amazing experience and that’s the only way you’re gonna learn. There are so many people who train in martial arts but never fight, not that that’s a problem, whatever you choose. However, now I think, good on anyone who tries!

  10. havok Says:

    yeah both girls suck really….thai girl doesn’t have a clue, she couldn’t do a decent shin kick….german girl must have watched some thai vids before fighting…..that’s about it….I have trained along girls here and they would destroy both these girls together!

  11. jacek Says:

    My first time watching women Thai boxing, I just wanted to say that I agree the Thai girl looked like they just grabbed her off the street and paid her to get her but kicked, they really should give the German girl more of a challenge or some one here weight division…

  12. une fille qui fait de la boxe de pui 10 anx Says:

    franchement vous , les mec vous etes des sale machto les fille savent se battre et les mec aussi point vous avez compris

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