The strongest form of Martial Art

A lot of people ask , What is the best Martial arts sports , or what is the strongest martial art form or even what is the martial arts that will make you defeat all other in a fight .

Well … There is no direct answer for this question , because this question depend on many factors and each martial arts has it own specialisation .

Let’s take Aiikido , when you see a person attacked by more than 6 people and he throw them all by just some move , you say : i want to train Aikido and become like him .

I already tried the Aikido and it’s a sport that i do respect a lot , it’s a very strong form of Martial arts used more in self-defence and body guarding issues .

Can you compare it to Thai-boxing ? NO ! Well you can but not in term of who is better

What i don’t like in people or “Trainer” is that when you ask them what martial art sports is better (ex: Muay Thai or Aiikido ) if he is a trainer of Muay Thai he will tell you ” Muay Thai ” , if he’s a trainer of Aikido he will say “Aikido” … That’s totally wrong

Another point , if there is a fight between a Thai boxer and taekwondo , the winner of the fight don’t prove anything , it just could mean that a person is stronger than another person on the ring (this could change on the street) .

In my point of view (UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship – Mixed martial arts) is getting more and more popularity because of the points mentionned above.

If you dident know what is Mixed martial arts :

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is an intense and evolving combat sport in which competitors use interdisciplinary forms of fighting that include jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and others to their strategic and tactical advantage in a supervised match.

Ok … Time for some entertainment :)

Fight between Thai-boxing Muay Thai and Taekwondo

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  1. LF Says:

    I don’t agree with your point that martial arts can’t be compared which is better.

    Quote from your statement “Another point , if there is a fight between a Thai boxer and taekwondo , the winner of the fight don’t prove anything , it just could mean that a person is stronger than another person on the ring (this could change on the street) .” I wonder what do you think about what makes a fighter “strong”? In the clips that you put above, it shows that a TKD guy don’t know nothing about a less rules ring fight, he get too used to TKD rules fight.
    That TKD guy don’t know how to defend himself from a low roundhouse kick without knowing that he needs to defend the roundhouse kicks. In this case, I think TKD limited that Koren guy’s mind and his view of fighting. In other words, TKD weaken that Koren guy. He keep on sidekicking and keep on eating RH kicks.
    Nevertheless, take a look at the thai fighter. He trained under a less rules fighting system ” Muaythai” which makes him a more complete fighter, and this is what making muaythai a “stronger” art.
    Martial arts not only bringing techniques to people, but also a point of view of what the hell fighting is, so if an art teach you SHXT, then you will fight like SHXT——– like that TKD guy——

    Good luck, friend

  2. Thai Boxing Says:

    Thank’s for your reply

    I wonder what do you think about what makes a fighter “strong”?

    For me it’s not the martial art “ name ” which make a fighther stronger , it’s the training and dedication for what he’s doing and training for .

    You are right in some of what you said , if a person is not trained to defend his self from some attack that a +1pts to the other martial arts , but that just a point , there is a lot of other points that we should consider before saying that a type of martial arts is better than another .

  3. ZY Says:

    Without (hopefully) upsetting anyone…usually it’s the fighter that triumphs not the art (without disrespecting anyone’s art). Speed, skill, strength, reflexes, courage, alertness, training, stamina and luck determines who wins not necessarily the art itself. One martial art is not necessarily better than any other. Let’s see, I got hit by a Muay Thai fighter and it hurt and I got hit by a Karate fellow and it also hurt too. A Sombo wrestler also demonstrated on me and it too was painful. My point, if you somehow happen to be better or luckier that day, you mostly likely will win otherwise, you’d probably lose.

  4. Chirot Says:

    “Another point , if there is a fight between a Thai boxer and taekwondo , the winner of the fight don’t prove anything , it just could mean that a person is stronger than another person on the ring (this could change on the street) .”

    The statement about is true that street fighting could change. The most important point is thai boxing is not sport, it is art for killing people. From my experience, I have learnt both of them. It shows me that Taekwondo is extremly weaker than thai boxing. This is because you must build your solid muscle and technique at the same time. You learn how to protect all weaken part in the body by using strong part, so this makes thai boxers have time to see open point on the component bady. Thai boxer’s bone is super strong. People who become profession thai boxer, need train from young ages.

  5. Chirot Says:

    In the video clip, you can see that thai boxer didn’t use all the technic as such punching, elbows, knees and hugging. If Thai boxer used these technic, Taekwondo would be killed. you guys think about it

  6. Jimmy Says:

    Dudesies… wow, that taekowndo got totally rap*d by that thai boxer. I just cant believe it. Its really just ridiculous. No matter how you look at it, thai boxing is not only more complete, but superior. I mean wow, that guy got rap*d, and i admit it even though Im korean, how can i not? shiot!

  7. mtFighta Says:

    Well well, this is a debate which tends to never end. I can tell all you guys right now that every fighter has a chance to win. I am a MMA fighter. I do muay thai and jujitsu. I can tell you right now that I beleive I am a complete fighter, but anyone who practices an art longer then me can probably beat me. Basically, dedication and years spent training CAN be the difference between arts. Also, under TKD rules a TKD fighter would beat a muay thai fighter. Under Muay Thai rules, the thai fighter would clean house. That said, I do beleive that Pride/UFC represent a true fighting arena. You wanna know what is the best martial art? Well first you have to find out what your looking for. Alot of posers want to know how to do buncha fancy kicks. For them, you are lookin for the true “art” in martial arts. In my eyes, thats where this whole problem starts. There’s a lot of impractical martial arts out there. Not to insult any of them, but in a cage/ring id like to see them hold up. Secondly you gotta train like no other. Remember, Bruce Lee made Jeet Kune Do, not the other way around. The greatest fighters in the world made the martial art what it is and passed it on. So, basically find the most practical art u can find. The art is very important, and so is the practicailty of the art. Find one that suits your balance of both.

  8. Curry Says:

    I like Thai boxing, I think it’s a cool form of martial arts. I have just seen a video of a fight lately by Kimbo Slice and I just can’t believe it, that guy is so powerful, it’s scary.

  9. SHAO KHAN Says:


  10. Roki Says:

    am a taekwondoin although i do it since 4 years ago and still in green belt.i like TKD kenjutsu wushu and Muay Thai.the strongest MA is its dedication and the honor for each MA…don’t ever think that you’re the strongest. there is noone become the stronger if he understimate the others MA.keep the brother!!!!!

  11. Han Says:

    I like beating up Thai players their so easy, they master 4 hits and if u hit them with anything out of their box they taste the floor like street punks that they are and break them like toothpicks arm by arm. Black belt Brazilian jiu jitsu :) so dont mess with poor MA’s that are artistic, wanna be a big boy come play with the big boys and see how ur cry for ur mamies u silly punks

  12. Ditto Says:

    I think all martial arts are the same. They’re just an art. It’s a style that one follow and practice. It all depends on the practicener. how hard and how delication he/she practice. More importantlyis how much guts does he or she has when comes to fighting. One NOT afraid to die will usually win. PS. I practiced and a 4th dan TKD and still practacing 3 to 4 times a week.

  13. aaron Says:

    doesn’t prove much. the muay thai guy is physically stronger than the TKD guy.



  15. Avan Says:

    MA is for protection and strengthening oneself..
    Competition is just a competition…it proves the athelete who wins…not the art….
    PS:Buakaw wins the K1 max twice..that proves muay thai is good..but nothing can be proven the best…
    it depends on the one who practises..

  16. jab Says:

    i don’t think that it is even objective to argue this.

    I have trained in Tae Kwon Doe and Muay Thai and it is a world of difference. TKD is a sport and an art.

    Yes it can be used to defend oneself but it is not very effective. Let’s say you take a 10 yr old and train them ten years in TKD vs taking that same 10 yr old and trainning them in Muay thai and see who is going to win the fight. Without a question it will be the Muay thai fighter.

    The whole principal of Muay thai fighting is to beat someone’s ass with everything at your disposal: knees, elbows, punches, kicks. TKD focuses on forms (which are pretty useless when it comes to fighting) and sparring (which TKD sparring is fast and pretty but it not powerful and efficient).

    with regards to BJJ, it’s an essential if you one to fight in UFC but once you know how to defend against it your stand up fighting becomes more important.

    Notice how all the big UFC champions today are the top stand up fighters.

  17. Luca Says:

    It was proven for many years that, muay thai is the toughest fighting over all

    so many karate, Taekwondo fighters were beaten by muay thai fighters. When Im here in Korea, I see only young kids learn Taekwondo and real figheters train muay thai

    reality was proven long time ago

  18. ALLAN Says:

    I had practise many kinds of martial arts but the most powerfull one is the muay thai since it helps me to get out of every situation

  19. Tony Says:

    To be an Ultimate fighter, you got to:
    - train your body to be so strong and so fast and so flexible
    - train your mind to have the fastest reflex it could have, and to be aggressive in fighting
    - learn the concept of all the martial arts existing
    - train on more then one martial arts like (thai, karate do or wushu, ikido or jujudsou) this combination of martial arts is really lethal, because you will learn to face the opponent in any condition of distance

    So, regarding to these criteria, there no way that, martial arts, can build an ultimate fighter. Only training, persistency, knowledge can build the ultimate fighter, what ever the art is been learned.

  20. Fat Says:

    Sumo all the way
    If you train in sumo you can beat almost anyone

  21. bbb Says:

    sumo. lol. thats true. sumo mothafuckaz would kill anyone…….. i mean… yeah muay thai and tkd foolz got flashy moves but imagine gettin caught by one of those sumo wrestlers…… no chance.

  22. edawg Says:

    it’s not the art that makes it superior it’s the martial artist and thats all i have to say.and just kick the sumo wrestlers in the groin and they’re down in minutes

  23. common sense Says:

    … first of all.. i take tkd and that guy whos fighting sucks… I dont know why hes on tv but this is starting to get humiliating. Also, i take 3 kinds of martial arts (tkd, kendo, and Kungfu) and i dont see the point in fighting.. IF YOU GOTTA GUN AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT, YOU WIN. end of story.

  24. OK Says:

    … By the way the tkd guy in the video was only a red belt…. He is a horrible representation of tkd, get a 7th dan black belt…

  25. gapo Says:

    I think experiance is key not form, I’ve seen a kid in my school 3 dan karate blackbelt, get knocked out by this guy who never took a course but fought alot at school so knew what to look for.

  26. Artless Says:

    In my opinion, Muay Thai, Burmese letwei, Khamar boxing are more practical and less complex. In the ancient time, they fought on the streets without protecting equipment and strict rules. Some competitors were died by fatal blow of knee and elbow. These southeast asian arts are stronger, more scientific. However it is not real sport like western boxing. TKD was just developed after second world war.

    Late Bruce Lee said, rules and rigid forms are useless in real fight. If you want to win, you have to use all body parts including your mouth. Speed, physical and metal touchness and experience will decide the outcome of fight.

    TKD is just a good looking sport with fancy movement. It has some dynamite kicks. In the close contact, it is really useless.

    It is also true that Muay Thai will not beat easily beat the Sumo wrestler because of weight and size difference. Most Thai boxers are light weight and it is unfair for them to match with such a super heavy weight.

  27. smoky Says:

    muay thai is just a deadly self defence, but most people consider it a offence, take buakaw(not his real name) he has so much respect from so many people.. taekwon do aint shit even lv 7 dan black belt, what the fuck is with levels man, this aint no video game.. bet none of you know were karate first originated? tell me.. it originated in the ryukyu islands, okinawa.. people call them selfs masters of martial arts, but martial arts aint all about mastering it, you have t have the knowledge to fight with it, and yeah im proud to say im a true martial arts master, ill tell you anything send you my training videos of any martial arts style.. muay thai, thai boxing, bando, shoot boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsuu, tae kwondo, karate, etc… anything name it.

  28. Be-Water Says:

    The truth is in the killing.

    You know, honestly, this debate has been going on since Man first figured out his first martial (combative expression) combination. If one uses common sense, they can resolve this debate within their own minds before sounding silly in front of others. Part of being a philosopher however is learning through debate. So we continue.

    Is there a more effective and a less effective way of walking? Yes, we all know this right? If you try to walk one leg shorter (considerably) than the other, will you not stumble? Of course you will. If you want to walk to the mail box, do you circle your house twice prior? Of course not.

    My point is simple: The most direct and violent application will always defeat the less direct and “fluffed” appliction. Muscle memory is important, and you fight the way you train. Train hard, train daily, and learn the most effective way, YOUR body moves (and therefore, fights).

    Happy journey my friends

  29. Muaythaixx Says:

    well id have to say muay thai prob is more intense then tkd , ive got a friend who went to tkd maybe 7-10yrs ive gone to muay thai 4months nd i culd easily destroy the answer is simple, muay thai u condition and its very agressive tkd is all about scoring points and protection is padded so much so when they actually gt hit on the street der like wtf becuz dey arent used to hits im not saying tkd is bad im juz saying id rather muay thai anyday becuz of de way of training

  30. look Says:

    it all depends on the fighter..

    a fight between a tae kwon do fighter and a muay thai fighter.

  31. sanuk Says:

    nice video.

    i live in thailand
    and where you live you have different ways of fighting, of course the top fighters and well schooled in all forms

    up here in chiang mai they tend to produce boxers with very fast hand speed and exstensive use of elbows.

    issan thailand- northeast tough hardnosed defensive fighters
    south thailand great at kicking …most fun to watch if a bit bloody
    bangkok. tend to produce all around fighters as many in bangkok are from other parts of the country

    keep in mind to the Thais it is a sport pure and simple, and also not just the pros but most men know at least some muay thai..much like most amercians know something about baseball

    why i tell my friends who visit dont pick fights with the locals…they are nice folks and wont hurt you but persist..say hello to a long hospital stay

  32. Elay Says:

    i’m thai fighter and i’ll just tell you what makes muay thai stronger then other ma : 1rst the thai boxer is most of the time fixed in his place unlike tkd and all those MA with flying kicks wich makes there leg breaking really easy for us , bit to jujistsu , a jujitsu fighter is stronger on the ground than standing , here lays both fighter techniques cos if the thai fighter testes correctly his opponent and analyses his techniques he would know how to keep him in a distance or crush him on short distance with elbows and knees!
    2nd a thai fighter muscles are much more develloped than others even if fighters have slim body in u’re eyes but they could support a lot of pain due to hard training !
    3rd a thai fighter has very simple moves that what makes it faster in hitting his opponent or defending himself by very accurate and simple blocks !
    but the difference in the kick between a muay thai fighter and a tkd or shao lin or … is the movement of the hips! here lays the little secret ! because the hips and the fighter legs always layig on the ground gives the kick much more power in thai tecnique than in other ma !
    But all the difference in a fight is not if the fight is going on the streets or on the ring , (cos i’v tried both) its with guts and the balls that the fighter have and its technique and the concentration to stay focus because when u are on the ring 80% of u’re power is lost by stress and same for u’re pain !

    T c all of u and stay out of trouble

  33. crziangerdude Says:

    i read some of of you putting thing about sumo and ju-jitsu. one a sumo fighter ain’t gonna be crap on the streets. you can just make him tired. i read something one day that said a ju-jitsu fighter ain’t nothing on the street or anywhere if you know something about pressure points. muay thai all the way, i mean did you stop to see the video. and it does have something to do with who’s stronger and with training, but if i didn’t have anything near this MT fighter’s training and strength, i wouldn’t front him stupid on the the TKD fighter’s part.

  34. crziangerdude Says:

    if you got anything(info) on any martial arts that can take out pressure point karate, go ahead and comment me. sumo is the perfect martial art for heavy set people, no offense. ju-jitsu is tight.

  35. john Says:

    you really cant compare martial arts to each other it depends on the fighter. and if you watched a few videos its a few videos where tae kwon do destroys muay thai. muay thai is not the best martial arts it gets dominated by judo and jutsu fighters if you know about martial arts. every style always has a counter to it muay thai is the most brute martial arts but far from the best

  36. Rob Says:

    Well, if you ask me I say that Muay Thai is the most powerful, intense sport there is. Ive played Muay Thai for a while now and now, I’m almost unbeatable, never lost a sparring match yet. Before i learned Muay Thai, i was the weakest kid in history, then i got sick of it and joined Kickboxing, didn’t like it, so i joined Kung Fu, I liked it, but then i saw the movie Ong Bak. That inspired me to learn Muay Thai and try to become just like Tony Jaa, that’s what kept me motivated. Muay Thai is a deadly sport which was made about 1000 years ago. I know it is the strongest sport out their.

  37. neito Says:

    i believe that a martial art is only as strong as the practical application that it will have in the real world if you know how to kick a person in the face but he has a knife you also need to know how to get around the threat of a weapon you need to be versatile boxing is over powering your opponent karate is catching them off guard and any more variations of the sort for different martial arts i personally think with the right instructor who has the proper knowledge somebody will take the strong points of these martial arts combine them into a perfect self defense and as brutal offense to make the best but i personally think that any martial art can be exploited by another because people are only trained in situations in from there own art i think to be the best you need to do it all wow i forgot were im going so ill go now

  38. tkddiuryl Says:

    the viability or effectiveness of an art, is not measured on how well a fighter does in a ring, cage, (UFC/K1) or under whatever rules. but how well it does in real life street situations.

    a TKD guy being defeated in a ring against a muay thai guy proves nothing. let’s see if the TKD can successfully defend defend the user against people who want to kill him on the street. same for the mauy thai. THAT IS HOW ARTS ARE MEASURED!

    these arts were created to fight off people who want to kill you, not for sporting rings and cages.

    end of discussion.

  39. skylar Says:

    my personal opinion is muay thai……but it also depends on how well the person is trained and how they’ve conditioned themselves……. also most of the fights won in any kind of fight are won by the person who makes the first good hit…… so i really dont know what martial art is the best or the toughest but i have got to say that muay thai is my favorite and is what i think to be the toughest martial art to learn itself..

  40. chris Says:

    thanks for the comments, but i think everyone one of you need to learn how to spell properly!

  41. Fastjump94 Says:

    ha ha martiliar arts can’t be compeared with each other cause they are made for difren things. judo is made for weak to protect themself against bige oponments, muay thai is made for killing basicly

  42. Jonny Says:

    “BRAZILIAN JU-JITSU NO WEAKNESS ” alright really.. i mean mad respects to to jiu jitsu no doubt, but a kick to the nuts, a punch to the throat, gouging an eye, a bite to the neck or elbows to the back of the head, UFC is not a true arena, it’s a sport where they try not to hurt each other, a true arena to determine the best “Martial Artist or grappler” would be a no rules death match. UFC limits certain MA that practice breaking finger, ripping nails off ect… So i guess what i’m saying is that the best MA is muay thai, just because of its purpose, and the best martial artist probably would being using muay thai in some respect. sorry it this post is confusing, i wanted to say a lot of things at once.

  43. crittert Says:

    Some arts are better than others. That’s a fact. Shotokan is useless against someone with fast reflexes because it relies too much on the telegraphic reverse punch. BJJ is great in the cage but useless against multiple attackers, unless you want to get stabbed or clubbed in the head while you’re tied up with one guy.
    On the other hand, the power of muay thai’s core techniques has been scientifically proven. The Thai roundhouse transfers impact equivelant to a baseball bat. UFC fighters have recieved fractured skulls, courtesy of a knee to the head.
    If Muay Thai is so weak in the cage then how come Anderson Silva dominates everyone with it?
    It’s also funny for someone to say four techniques when there are more than four elbow strikes alone. It’s called the art of 8 limbs for a reason.
    In old times it was called the art of 9 limbs because head butting was also aloud back then.
    A Thai fighter can hit you from any angle or clinch you up and make you helpless. Thai strikes for the battlefield are designed to eliminate the enemy as quickly as possible so you can move on the the next guy when you fight an entire army. That makes good against multiple opponents.
    I always believed that if you can’t look at a room and know how you would take out every dude in there as quickly as possible if things got out of hand then you aren’t worthy of the martial in martial artist.
    And for the MMA ring the Thai Boxing and BJJ combo is well proven over and over again.

  44. TSD_Stylist Says:

    TSD_Stylist on, “The strongest form of Martial Art.”

    TSD_Stylist practices the Korean Karate of Tang Soo Do (“TSD”). TSD is a tradtitional martial art. And no, I do not necessarily believe that TSD is the best or strongest marital art out there–far from it!

    To answer this question intelligently, you must first describe, “What is a traditional martial art?” No one has attempted that. The Commentors have said what a martial art is in very general ways, but have not defined the term with any certainty. They have (wrongly) picked on a certain, isolated aspect(s) and attempted to extrapolate that to a comprehensive appraisal.

    We UFC fans have by now all heard about Shogun’s Rua’s win over Lyoto Machida @ UFC 113. The original match between the two also had most fans proclaiming Shogun the better fighter. TSD_Stylist concurs.

    Because of this outcome and other MMA matches involving the traditional martial arts such as Shotokan karate & Tae Kwon Do, etc., many MMA critics of the traditional martial arts are saying they are not effective against the ‘realistic,’ full contact fighting styles such as Kyousinkai Karate and Muay Thai. This does seem to be how it has played out in the MMA arena.

    Besides the now ‘what-should-be-obvioius fact’ that the better-skilled fighter regardless of style (usually) has the advantage, a glaring error in criticzing a particular style is to seize on the typical ways it is used in competition and say that is the total style. For example (and TSD_Stylist is not fond of TKD), a full contact karate fighter versus a point-style TKD fighter who relies soley on dynamic kicks, he is completely exposed to counter attack by the full contact karate fighter’s hands. The reality is , TSD_Stylist doesn’t know of any karate where hand techniques are not paramount.

    When I see these huge gaffe’s by traditional martial artists in the full contact arena, it’s no wonder to me that they get ‘clocked.’ Another example is the much touted superiority of Muay Thai over the karates. Muay Thai is a very versatile, well-rounded sport-fighting style which has a number of very strong features. The advantage of Muay Thai does exist on a certain physical and technical level. Most all these ‘great’ features of Muay Thai, however, can be found in the traditional karates.

    Karate, moreover, stresses a set of skills that Muay Thai does not provide. Karate confers the skill set of the traditional martial arts. The catch is that this kind of traditional maritial arts training goes way beyond the high physicality-based training of Muay Thai. The trick is to get to that level of skill.

    The end result of karate training, if done properly, is that the karate fighter is prepared to defeat the boxer, kickboxer, Muay Thai fighter, shootfighter, street fighter, any kind of non-traditional maritial artist. Again, the caveat is to get to that level of skill. Mediocre doesn’t ‘cut it’ with respect to the traditional martial arts (including TSD, the karates)!


  45. Smash Hit Says:

    When I see muay tai, it always reminds me of an octopus or something, with it’s close cage of protection that can counter nearly everything. But I have doubts about its versatility. While it seems more potent in a head on clash than tkd, I don’t see how it could be as effective against someone coming up behind you. Again, both styles are good and can be suitable to produce a strong fighter. Another thing; it is very ignorant to say that Jiu-jitsu has no weakness. It dominates mma because submission holds and grappling are very powerful and allow you to have a single opponent by the throat without actually killing him. The most powerful strikes are lethal and banned from competitions, thus hampering the usefulness of strikes by comparison. However, against maybe 5 or 6 thugs, I would rather have Thai or Tae because jiu-jitsu would be kind of useless. Submissions holds don’t work against groups. Believe me, I’ve tried; you’ll get stomped every time. I feel that one of the most powerful martial arts is Taijutsu, because the ninjas scientifically designed it to be able to incapacitate any any opponent by any means. It includes everything from strikes desigened to break bones, to holds designed to tear off limbs. As a result, its usefulness is greatly limited in a circumstance in which you’re NOT trying to kill someone. Whichever fighting style you choose, just maintain discipline, and keep an open mind to new things and techniques, and you can evolve into a formidable opponent.

  46. Shinigami Says:

    Everything you can see here are either nonsense, based on the limitations of man and his relation to one or two combat sports. Simply, it is not possible to decide which of the martial arts is the most powerful! If you would tried it, and really at that thought, you will see that for every martial art you can find a suitable MA – win – it depends only on human, his reflexes, and strength, training atc. It seems that you are constantly putting thaiboxing and taekwondo against themselves … in this case would most likely win thaiboxer but try to imagine thaiboxer in the ring against the person controlling such Aikijutsu or Jeet Kune Do – Thaiboxer would fail in my opinion. In real life I think is one of the best fighting styles Krav Maga, but it is a matter of opinion – Always is the main thing to use your brain better than an opponent – that is the way to succeed.

  47. genesis Says:

    I am a brown belt in karate and my friend is a 2nd degee black belt in TKD. We decided to mess around and have a sparring match against each other. I ended up punching him and kicking him a bunch of times and taking him down in a hold in less than 30 seconds.

    Before that, I thought he was unbeatable because he could do all these amazing kicks and stuff but he really didnt do anything in our match when I got close to him.

    Thats why I think TKD is way overrated.

  48. Warrior Says:

    Muay thai is one of the best martial arts in the world, if not it’s the best martial art available. Today all martial arts utilize all parts of human body such as elbows, knees, hands, legs, and head sometimes. These martial arts also the art of 8-9 limbs however muay thai is the “original” art of right limbs.

    There was the best martial art in the world when all martial arts never met and fought and even learnt from each others. However I have to agree now that there are no better martial arts because in fact, they are pretty alike.

  49. joe k Says:

    It’s not the art that is better. It’s the practitioners. Bruce Lee learned WC style, and MODIFIED it to his own JKD style. This he did while incorporating other styles B.Lee understood that all styles are = but are not without their strength & weaknesses. A famously known one is the foot movement. After witnessing a boxing match Lee learned to use constant foot movement to hide the telegraphing of kicks. Before this foot movement was static in many forms. Yet thru adaptability many art forms use more foot movement with techniques. I also agree that sometimes luck play a role in who wins.

    ~It’s not the art forms, but the practitioners. In baseball a pitcher’s form helps him, but it’s the player himself with the ability to be the best regardless of form.

  50. Jake T. Says:

    I’m so glad to see MMA gaining respect and notoriety in the public eye. As a long time wrestler, my goal is to compete one day, but my striking skills are fairly weak, but I’m a beast on the mat. I’d love to get some Muay Thai training one day. And anyone who says MMA is more violent than boxing is out of their minds! It’s a display of a lifetime of training and skill, two warriors testing their mettle.

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