Thai Boxing , Muay Thai

Welcome to Thai Boxing , Muay Thai fan club ,

This site will contain a lot of informations related to Muay Thai – Thai boxing , videos , tutorials and other stuff .

let me know what do you think …

6 Responses to “Thai Boxing , Muay Thai”

  1. ZY Says:

    Let me try: sawadee krap. great website, please add some more muay thai vids. thanks.

  2. joey Says:

    thais have strong leg bcoz they train use banana trees for kicking so westerners dont try your kick and their kick may be kill u all

  3. Tony Green Says:

    Very good website,keep up the good work and keep on kicking!

  4. John Forbes Says:

    Thanks for an excellent site. The photos and movies are good resources for the Kon Muay.

    I would like to see something more on basic conditioning and training techniques, presented in the same very good way as the Kon Muay are – with photos. This would round out the overall usefulness of the site very well.

  5. Roy Says:

    its is a great muaythai website with the video n tutorial guide, but i hope there will be more video n more muaythai tricks article….

  6. King khan Says:

    I train muay thai. and this has to be a very good site for a muay thai fan

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