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Fight between big guy and small guy

Posted in fights on March 31st, 2006

crabb man asked :

big and strong but sluggish [ the bouncer type ] or small but fast who would win in a street fight.

Even if it’s not a street fight it might give some speculation on how a fight would look like :

This video is a fight between A Big Guy and a small guy , Muay Thai fight .

Muay Thai female fight

Posted in fights on March 29th, 2006

Nicky Carter vs Rachel Pullen , Fight between two womens …

If You watched “Thai Girl vs German Girl ” You will see a big difference … this fight is more advanced .

Another point , You don’t need to be in Thailand to master Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) .

Those two girls fight better than the Thai girl and German girl .

Muay Thai Namsaknoi

Posted in fighters on March 29th, 2006

Very Nice Muay Thai clip about Namsaknoi formerly of the por pramuk gym in Thailand .

Born in Surat Thani province in the south of Thailand, Namsaknoi started MuayThai like a lot of his fellow countrymen at a very young age.

Born to Muslim parents and given the name Mohammed Chaiyama, Namsaknoi started fighting at the age of 9 and soon started to make a name for himself in the MuayThai ring.

After making steady progress his trainer in the South took him to Kiatsingnoi camp in Bangkok where Namsaknoi also started to impress. After a short while though his trainer took him outside Bangkok, to the newly formed Kiatpramuk or Por Pramuk camp.

This was around 1994 and Namsaknoi fast established a reputation as a future big name star.

Fighting originally on Sukonesongchai promotions, Namsaknoi won his first major titles when he beat Nungpichit Sityodthong to win the Lumpini and w.m.c world flyweight championship belts.

Thai Girl vs German Girl

Posted in fights on March 26th, 2006

I received a lot of requests to post more info about women and Muay Thai training and fights , here is another fight between girls :)

Thai Girl vs German Girl !! .

The German Muay Thai girl who has been training for months to challenge the local Thai boxer.

Who will win?

The Mon press against the pillar Movement

Posted in Learn muay Thai boxing on March 26th, 2006


This Kon Muay is the important main Movement to defence against the fist (a hand with the fingers clenched in the palm (as for hitting))

By pressing against the top of the chest or the abdomen.

The attacker(red) walks in and throws the left fist to the defensives face.

The defensive holds the both hands up to guard ones face, while thrusting with the left leg to the top of the chest or the abdomen.

If the attacker throws the right fist. Do the same as above in the opposite directions .